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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Must Have Blogger Tools - Ultimate Backlink Builder and Auto Blogging Software [Free]

So, if you are a blogger or an internet marketer, these 2 tools are must haves for any website. Here I shall outline their uses and provide free download links :)

The Ultimate Backlink Builder 

Or UBB for short, this tool automates the backlinking process, and scans the internet for possible pages to create and it links back to your website. Get thousands of minor and major backlinks in under minutes, fully automated system :)

This software can be ran straight from the box, so to speak. No installation is required.
Screen Shot of the Ultimate Backlink Builder

Download link:

The Auto Blogging Software

The ABS is another must have for bloggers, whenever you don't feel like posting or want to set up satellite blogs around your main blog you can use the Auto Blogging Software to extract RSS feeds from other blogs and post to your own blog in an automated process! :)
This is one of THE most powerful autoblog softwares out there and it scans the feed using its own technology and doesn't need human interference.

If you can make a dollar a month from a single little autoblog, but with 100, you make $100 dollars a month with minimal effort :)

Autoblogging Software Screenshot

Download link:


* Oh and by the way, each link redirects 4 times through some ads, be patient!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Larry Smith - Why you will fail to have a great career Explained

Now this, is an interesting talk. This is professor Smith talking about why your career will not take off like you wanted it to. I find that his point is quite valid and encouraging, but yet there are many who disagree..
See for yourself!
So, now that you've watched the video, I'd like to summarize a few things he mentioned..
1. There are mediocre jobs, and then there are great ones in our world.
2. You can only have a great career if you are passionate about what you do.
3. Yet you probably will not have a great career anyways.

I'd like to get this out first, this video may seem depressing but its actually meant to be very motivational. And here is why:
What Larry Smith actually meant by those blanket statements are:

1. In this world, people are getting increasingly more devoted to their careers in life, only a career that you really believe in and passionate about can make you truly happy with life, thus you have a great career. Everything else will suck. All the same, great careers and mediocre careers require lots of hard work, but its the personal satisfaction as payout that makes a career great.

2. Passion will get you one step closer to a great career and a successful life. Its like shooting baskets, even if you are absolutely awful at basketball, you can only score if you try. Same goes to great careers, he isn't saying you WILL get successful with passion but you only have a chance at a great career if you have passion.

3. Excuses, excuses. He has a wonderful point here, people are afraid of change and success. Most people would prefer the status quo whenever possible and will make up countless excuses about why they cannot. But really, the only reason you cannot is because you will not.. If you do not see past your petty excuses and self fulfilling reasoning, you will never have a great career.

Like the unsuccessful you in your miserable career, you will pass on the well known 'wisdom' of finding a 'good' job and making a living to your children, and thus they won't ever get the chance to pursue their dreams, and will not have a great career. Thus the cycle will continue..


Unless you pursue your dreams to their fullest :) is success guaranteed or even likely? No, of course not, but you at least have a chance if you chased after what you are passionate about.